Your KWRR Tech Checklist

  1. Fill out your Scott LeRoy Marketing questionnaire at

  2. Wait for your SETUP COMPLETE email from SLM (Scott Le Roy Marketing)

    1. The SLM email contains TONS of helpful resources. And the SLM website has training, videos, templates and much much more to help you with your business.

  3. Attend your KW tech orientation, or watch the complete tech orientation video HERE.

  4. Ensure that you have set up the IDX feed for your KW Websites and mobile app ( you can check on this with your MCA, Tammy )

  5. Download KELLE from the app store. Login using your login and password.

  6. Visit and log in to explore Command and Connect.

    • Check the calendar. Each month we having training on Command, Connect, and Kelle

    • You can always find around-the-clock training here, at KW Connect, or at SLM.

  7. Upload your contacts to the eEdge database or KW Command and use the system to help you run your business.